“Manchester’s got everything except a beach”

These are the words of Ian Brown, frontman for The Stone Roses used to describe the city of Manchester, a rather humorous statement. The city itself is third most visited city in the UK known for its links with: music, science, sports clubs and culture. The Daily Express revealed that in August 2016 Manchester had been ranked the 43rd best city to live in the world. As someone who has grown up in the city and recently revisited it as I explored Manchester I found Browns statement to be surprisingly accurate.

manchester (1)

Undeniably one cannot argue that Manchester is not an interesting city there is a world of things to see, locations to explore and things to discover. As I entered the city on the train I was greeted by the sight of the Etihad Stadium home to Manchester city reminding me of the city’s rich sporting history. However football isn’t the only thing Manchester has to offer having stepped off the train I visited The Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI). After having visited the museum myself multiple times I can say that it shows a gateway into the past. Built on the site of the world’s oldest railway station it allows customers to explore 12 galleries through the history of the city from roman times to the industrial revolution. I however was much more intrigued by the vintage cars and machines from the textile industry that the tour lets you view. Chris Lethbridge described the city as “Emphatically if unconventionally beautiful.” This statement became clear to me as it is obvious the city has its own unique beauty. This could be seen as I walked through locations such as Castlefield. Here you can explore the Bridgewater canal constructed back in 1761 and take in the other interesting sights the city has to offer.


When Oasis singer and guitarist Noel Gallagher spoke about Manchester he stated “The thing about Manchester is…it all comes from here.” This can definitely be seen just by looking at the city’s exciting music scene. While in Manchester I saw alternative rock band Basement play the Deaf Institute venue, as I walked to the gig down Oxford road the street was littered with street performers and tour poster for various artists. This really highlighted the city’s vibrant music scene which has spawned many of the world’s biggest music artists in the past including: Oasis, The Stone Roses and The Smiths. The city’s music scene is a thriving one even today with bands like Courteeners and The 1975 as well as a sea of up and coming bands. The city is a major stop off on the UK gig circuit and therefore this has given me personally the chance to see major artists from all over the world as I’ve grown up from Tame Impala to Linkin Park as well as more recent bands like Catfish and the Bottlemen. This is due to Manchester’s multiple music venues such as Manchester arena which allows you to see some of the world’s biggest artists playing large atmospheric gigs in a venue that holds up to 21,000 people. Alternatively venues like the Night and Day play host to new generations of up and coming artists as they play more intimate gigs to a small room of people. Clearly this shows how much the city itself has to offer just in music alone.


During the night time is when Manchester’s club life explodes while visiting home I returned to 42nd street an indie rock club which with its friendly lively atmosphere provided yet another good night out. Additionally the electric nightlife offers a number of other nights out. For your more glamorous night out Deansgate locks has various clubs and cocktail bars as does the Northern Quarter if you’re looking for a cheaper night out. Moreover as a fan of house and dance music I have often found myself in clubs like The Warehouse Project and Antwerp mansion which are some of the best nights out in the city. Finally I can’t ignore Manchester’s strong gay community as Canal Street is home to one of the busiest gay villages in the UK.


After revisiting the city I find that it really does have everything from an exciting sport, music and club life scene to interesting museum tours and sights to see. Manchester offers so much that each time visiting the city is a new experience, now if only it had a beach… Manchester_Picadilly_Station_Panorama





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