Media Log 1: Before conducting the log

Over the space of three days I will be conducting a log of all my media usage including, the type of media, how long I will use it for, the media device I used, who I was with and what genre the media is as well as any other observations I notice.

Firstly I will record the information on my phone throughout the day so every time I encounter something that classes as the media I will take note of it on my phone then at the end of the day enter my findings into my media log. To prepare for this I conducted a 24 hour media log. One of the problems I faced while conducting this log included forgetting to log certain media usages in the day. To avoid this problem while conducting my 3 day media log I will ensure my phone is fully charged and set reminders on it throughout the day. Moreover I have planned what I will consider as media usage I will include: television, advertisements, music, websites and phone applications as well as phone calls and text messages in the log. I have also decided to do my log from Monday to Wednesday as these are the days I have university, therefore I can get advice off my lecturers and class mates while conducting the log if I encounter any problems. I will not log media usage to do with the task itself (such as going on my computer to put information into the log) as I do not find it relevant. Moreover including this information would fill my log with repetitive findings that don’t really provide any interesting information about how the media influences me on a daily basis.

Furthermore, I must consider some of the challenges I will face while conducting my log. An example of this is while recording information for my 24 hour media log a challenge I faced was through recording data about text messaging. This is due to the fact that although I consider it relevant media usage I constantly text throughout the day therefore recording this information accurately was very challenging and filled my log with repetitive data about how often I text message. To counter this I will simply record that I have used my phone message throughout the entire day and make notes of how many texts I sent therefor the log is still accurate without being filled with repetitive findings. Furthermore another problem I will face is while I am in work it will be difficult to keep track of all the media around me as we are not allowed phone out on shift. Despite this I will still attempt to keep track of the media around me however as I work in a club and there will be lots of music on throughout the shift I may have to note the audio as ‘unidentifiable music’ thereby keeping the log accurate to the best of my ability.

In conclusion, what I believe to find is that the media affects most of my day on a regular basis in a variety of ways. I also believe the log will relate to active audience theory as I will be both influenced by the media at various points however not an extreme extent I will simply take in the content and then choose if I accept or disregard the information it gives me. Alternatively however I also think the log will show various examples of me using the media for my own benefit similar to Bulmer and Katz ‘Uses and Gratifications’ theory. Finally the information on my log will most likely be similar to the majority of my classmates as most of us are of a similar age demographic therefore we will both access and be influenced by similar types of media.


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