Media log 2: Thoughts during

During the conduction of my log I was able to use my planning to make my log more accurate as well as see how some of my findings agreed with what I believed I would discover but still surprised me in a variety of ways.

I am currently conducting my log by constantly making notes of the media usage I encounter throughout the day, then at the end of the day fill the information into the log, I have set reminders on my phone to ensure this is done accurately. I classed all media I access such as: Television, Music, Advertisements and any other media I encounter. Furthermore I have made sure that I log media I don’t directly access myself. For example when I was in Topman shopping there was unidentifiable music playing in the background I however made note of this anyway, I believed this showed how we can access and experience the media without directly noticing it. As well as this I have made note of how many messages I send on both text and Facebook messenger throughout each day of my log.

Interestingly I was surprised with how I access music more than any other type of media and how I haven’t accessed television as much as I thought I would. Additionally I was surprised with the lack of advertisements encountered during the conduction of the log but this likely corresponds with me not watching much television or listening to much radio. Moreover most of the media content I have used is specific streaming services, films or message apps where I am unlikely to encounter advertisements (especially considering I use ad blocker on most of my media devices.) The amount of text messages I sent on day 3 also shocked me as it was surprisingly more than the other 2 days of the log. Day 1 I sent 23 and day 2 only 17 whereas day 3 I have already sent 33 messages. This is again likely due to contextual factors as I was organizing a trip to the cinema on day 3.

Alternatively, I was not surprised by how much the media has influenced me over the past 3 days. A clear example of this is on the first day of the log when I attended a ‘Sundara Karma’ gig and ‘The Leadmill’ club in Sheffield. The promotion and content of the band through the media led to me discovering them and listening to their music this subsequently made me want to attend their gig showing how the media has directly influenced me. In addition to this on day 3 I went to the cinema to see the film Trainspotting 2 this again shows how through promotion of the film I was influenced again by the media to go and pay money to see the film. Additionally I was also was not surprised how most of the media I accessed was so I could fulfill a certain need or purpose as well as the fact my phone was the most used media device while recording the log. Despite this the days in my log were not completely reflective of a typical day. Due to: being in work, being at the cinema, and going to a gig many hours of my day were taken up with one specific media usage. I believe that if I wasn’t as busy as I was the week the log was conducted I would’ve used a larger variety of media content. This may also have effected how many messages I sent throughout those days.

In conclusion, the conduction of my log so far has provided me with a large amount of information that both confirms and shocks me about my own interactions with the media. I will begin to analyse this information and link it to audience theory and this will then allow me to understand more about mine and other peoples media usage.




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