Media Audiences: Week 1

During week one of the Media Audiences module we looked at the various ways different people use the media for different purposes. This included looking at the way we use the media individually as well as how the way we use media has changed over time. Additionally we also explored what is considered as media usage and what would class someone as a member of an audience.

Firstly we explored the various ways media is defined, I believe it can be defined as a form of mass communication. Furthermore we then looked at understanding media such as what would class as media usage and understanding audiences by looking at what would make someone the audience of a media product. This allowed me to see that some people may be an audience to a certain show, product or service without even noticing it. For example, if someone doesn’t watch X Factor regularly but knows what it is and enters a conversation about it does that make them part of X Factors audience? This leads into looking at the different types of audiences and allowed me to begin to understand them.


Personally I found the media has had a large role throughout my life. Even from a young age I can remember films, television and video games playing a large part if my life and even now I see myself consuming several hours of media every day in various ways. This I believe links directly into the rise of technology making media content easier to excess throughout my life such as the rise of online streaming services. As I’ve gotten older my love for music has meant the medias role in my life has increased as I am constantly listening to music on Spotify and I believe the medias role on my life will only continue to grow over time.

In conclusion, this weeks sessions allowed me to identify a definition for media and audience as well as begin to see how much influence the media has had on my day to day life.


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