Album of the Month: January 2017


  • Artist: Brand New
  • Album: The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me
  • Released: Nov 21st 2006
  • Genre: Alternative Rock/Emo
  • Top 3 Standout Tracks: Sowing Season, Jesus, Limousine

On the off chance anyone actually reads this blog…

Why do I love this album?                                                                                                                               I have a friend who says he doesn’t like Brand New because they’re “morbid and depressing”… this friend is a moron. I can’t be wrong in saying January is the worst month of the year: Weathers shit, Christmas and new year have been and gone and everybody’s got to go back to work that’s why in these depressing months I’m genuinely looking to listen to music that’s a bit deep and dark suiting my general mindset about this time of year however still containing some solid content musically and lyrically, enter Brand New.

Many people I’ve spoken to seem to stay clear of the “emo” genre probably because they’re scared that if they look into the genre they’ll go depressed and start dressing like they’re in the black parade and that’s unfortunate for them because they miss out on bands like Brand New. For me when it comes to alternative rock or emo music Brand New are absolute gods and this album (as well as they’re 3 others) are shining examples of that. The album opens with the killer banger of a song Sowing Season that hooks you from the opening verse before leading out with a chorus that will blow your ears off. Following that they’re are songs such as Jesus that sees singer Jesse Lacey question the idea of religion and faith in a song that isn’t just haunting but incredibly catchy with incredibly clever lyrical content. Alongside this we have tracks like Not The Sun and You Won’t Know that will have you wanting to start imaginary mosh pits in your room. However deep songs like Limousine that tells the horrific true story of 7 year old Katie Flynn who was in a limousine with her mother when she was killed in a car crash by a drunk driver continue to show Lacey’s incredible lyricism.

It’s an album that will be making your ready to fight a bear one minute and crying the next and there’s nothing wrong with that. To go back to my friends point about Brand New being depressing show me an album that’s full of happy bangers and I call that boring and forgettable, if you want to listen to something that’ll really stick with you this is the album. There’s a reason Brand New are treated like gods by people in this particular music scene and this album is a clear example and I don’t know why but the music perfectly suits this time of year. So finally if someone is reading this stop being a muppet give this a listen and if your not hooked by 3 tracks in accept that your an emotionless robot and go listen to Skepta or something. Joking aside if your seriously into the alternative rock genre or if not and just fancy something a bit different this is the perfect album to check out.


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