Absolutley savage week, Bring Me the Horizon and Catfish and the Bottlemen


Bring Me the Horizon, Manchester arena, 8/11/16

After seeing Bring Me at Leeds 2015 I was expecting some brutal mosh pits what I got instead was a very atmospheric gig but crowd was mostly dead in the way of moshing. Due to enjoying pre drinks a little too much we fully missed both support acts and the opening track Happy Song so guess that makes me a pretty awful Bring Me fan. Oh well still enjoyed my night despite the crowd being slightly underwhelming doubt i’d go to a stand alone Bring Me gig again but would definitely see them at a festival or something.


Catfish and the Bottlemen, Victoria Warehouse 9/11/16

7th time seeing Catfish and the Bottlemen and probably best time yet(including festivals). Performance was on point as always and crowd actually knew how to mosh pit and after having lost my phone at the past two Catfish gigs I’ve been too it was nice to actually still have it in my possession by the end of the night. Reminded me of those early Catfish gigs back in late 2014 , to be honest at this rate ill probably be 40 years old and still seeing Catfish gigs on the regular fully hooked on the band for life, perfect way to end the gigs of 2016.


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